What Causes Snoring? (Explained)

When you go to bed for a decent sleep after a long hectic work schedule and you hear some annoying sound what will you do?

If the sound is coming from the surroundings or a device you can check it and fix it but if your partner or parent is the source of these uncontrolled annoying sounds i.e. Snoring

What will you do???

No clue…?

Let me tell you-

Snoring is one of the most common medical conditions faced by more than 25% of the global population. And the worst thing about this Snoring is there are no pills to cure it. 

In this case, we are all left with one solution and that is to know what causes snoring in a particular person either male or female, and try to resolve the same. 

In medical terms snoring is defined as: – An undesirable hoarse sound that occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as we breathe that results in Snoring.

Snoring is not considered a serious medical condition. Neither it causes death or some other critical damage to body parts directly but indirectly it can harm you and your sleeping partner’s health. Snoring can affect your health, your personal life, and public life too. 

So the best thing is to know the cause of snoring and try to fix it. If you know the exact reason you can also get rid out of this on your own. As in most cases, a simple change in lifestyle and sleeping patterns gets rid of this annoying snoring. In some rare cases, you need to consult your doctor and the doctor can decide to go for surgery or not as the last option to cure it.

What Causes Snoring?

What causes snoring

There are several known reasons behind the snoring, varies from person to person but some of the most common cause of snoring is as follows:-

  • Your mouth anatomy: The narrowing of your airway can be a reason behind snoring. Especially if you are overweight. People who are overweight may have extra tissues in the back of their throats that may narrow their airways. 
  • Alcohol consumption: As I have already mentioned above a change in your lifestyle helps you in getting rid of Snoring. After going through various research and observing people who are Snoring. The expert comes to the conclusion that consuming too much alcohol before relaxes throat muscles and decreases your natural defenses against airway obstruction.
  • Nasal problems. In some cases Chronic nasal congestion or some uneven bone structure between your nostrils (deviated nasal septum) may be a reason behind your snoring.
  • Sleep position. Your sleeping position can also contribute to your Snoring. If a person sleeps on their back the frequent and loudness of snoring gets increased. Due to the narrowing of the airway (caused by the effect of gravity).

Apart from these causes some of the medical reports also confirm that those people who snore are more likely to have:

  • Obesity
  • Low levels of HDL Cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein)popularly known as “good” cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Using Drugs or other muscle relaxants
  • Congestion of airway due to a cold or allergy
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • And last but not the least genetic characteristics that affect the structure of your mouth and throat

These are some of the common reasons behind snoring. But as I had mentioned above, the number of men suffering from snoring is much higher than the number of females suffering from the same. Similarly, middle-aged people are more prone to snoring as compared to old age people. 

To make it more clear, broad, and candid we will discuss the cause of snoring in detail for specific cases.

 Here we start with-

What Causes Snoring in males?

Snoring Man

As per the report published in a reputed health journal 40% of males snore versus 20% of females. It means the number of male snorers is twice the number of females. 

On a lighter note, we can say males are more responsible for destroying the sleep of their partners.

There are few specific reasons due to which males snore more as compared to females.

  • Airway Anatomy: The airway Anatomy of males is slightly different from females. In males, the soft tissue which is considered one of the most responsible factors behind the snoring has a large cross-sectional area which means more tissue to flap and produce sound.

The vulnerable region between the epiglottis and the hard plate is larger in men. In other words, we can say there is a large number of unsupported soft tissues which get relaxed when we fall asleep and cause snoring. 

  • Male Hormones: To some extent, the male hormones are also a reason behind the snoring in males. Testosterone the well-known male sex hormone sometimes may disturb your breathing pattern due to which snoring may occur.

Apart from these specific reasons, there are some common reasons to which cause snoring in males such as-

  • Taking Alcohol before going to bed.
  • Too much smoking.
  • Obesity.
  • Stress.
  • Sleeping patterns etc.

What Causes Snoring in females?

Snoring Women

The numbers of females who snore are less as compared to the male but the fact is out of every ten females 3 snores. Both males and females have some common reasons which cause snoring apart from that there are few specific factors that cause snoring in females. 

In this section, we will focus on these specific reasons…

  • Menopause: In most cases, females after their menopause start snoring because after menopause the female body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. In some cases, it reduces the muscle tone which causes snoring.
  • Sleep Apnea: In medical terms, it is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in this condition during sleeping the breathing pattern repeatedly gets disrupted after a short interval, and its results in Snoring.
  • Weight Gain: Weight gain is a common reason behind snoring in males and females but in the case of females the weight gain is more frequent and usual thus we consider it as an important reason behind snoring in females.
  • Pregnancy: Snoring during pregnancy is very common. In most cases, the snoring caused due to pregnancy is temporary.

What Causes Snoring in pregnancy?

Pregnant Women Sleeping

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in every woman’s life. During pregnancy, the woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes that lead to weight gain and expansion of blood vessels in the nasal cavity due to which snoring starts.

Sometimes in pregnant women, Snoring may start as a result of high blood pressure. And it is risky for both mother and child. So please don’t take snoring in pregnancy as a normal phenomenon and consult your doctor regarding the same.

What Causes Snoring in Babies?

Snoring Baby

We often notice snoring or noisy breathing in a newborn baby. But in most cases, it is not a big issue. As in a newborn baby, the nasal passages are very small, due to which the least bit of dryness or extra mucus deposit in the nasal cavity causes snoring or noisy breathing.

With the growing age of the baby, the nasal passages expand and the snoring problem gets eliminated itself.

In the end, I would like to say a very interesting fact to you. Do you know animals also snore? If you are a pet lover especially if you have a pet dog you might have noticed that your dog snores while sleeping.

Do you know what causes Snoring in Dogs?

Snoring Dog

Snoring in dogs varies with their breed or you can say if a dog of a breed like the English bulldog, Shih Tzu, or Pug, in that case, the chance of snoring is high. The reason behind this is the narrow nasal passage.

Apart from this allergy is also a significant factor that causes snoring in Dogs.


No matter if it is human or animal snoring, it is annoying and very common. In most cases, people take it as normal as it does not cause any fatal damage directly but it is a proven fact that snoring may cause mental stress, social boycotting, or much more.

As mentioned in most cases a simple change in lifestyle can help you to a great extent to get rid of snoring. So if you or your partner, parents, and pet are facing this problem, try to find out the reason behind it or consult your doctor for a solution to it.

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